Newbie Streamers

Two Neglected Tips for Newbie Streamers

The organization of live video game translations is not a new thing at all. Like it once happened with “let’s play” videos for YouTube, Twitch live streams nowadays pass through the real boom of their popularity. Thousands of channels devoted to any topic appear: from another “CS:GO” player to expensive streams of cyber sports events.

Newbie Streamers

Despite a huge level of competition, there still is a place for newbies. Here you can find two simple tips for newbie streamers. These recommendations seem to be obvious when you read about them. But most of new inexperienced streamers neglect them and then wonder why their plays don’t bring them fame.

  1. Determine Your Topic

Any content producers – mass media, TV, and even streamers – provide a real battle with each other for every second of their viewers’ free time. The competition is phenomenal in all these fields, and this is the first thing you need to consider when deciding to organize live broadcasts.

It is not enough just to play the game and comment stuff from time to time. This way was worth going in the age when streaming only appeared. Nowadays, this niche is completely occupied, and there is no way for new players to enter it successfully.

A relatively simple way is to promote your channel on a hype: to keep an eye on fresh releases, to catch any possibilities from publishers to enter the game before the official release date (for instance, Deluxe edition pre-order), and then to concentrate not on the game walkthrough process, but on revealing the maximum of game aspects.

Your target audience are people who haven’t decided if they want to buy a game yet, so they want to determine their purchase expectations basing on all the info available. Your stream will help them make a decision, but only if you concentrate on demonstration of the main possibilities, not on your walkthrough.

The second way is more difficult, but more reliable: to create a channel devoted to a very special topic. For instance, you are a great fan of retro-games – you know a lot about famous project and not that well-known ones, too; you know many stories connected to such games – then create your show!

Get ready for each stream in advance: write a scenery, know what you want to tell while playing CS or Donkey Kong, train your gaming skills – nobody wants to see how you die like noob. This is the way for you to form your audience based on people who want to spend their time usefully, to find out new things, to chat with other viewers sharing their interests, etc.

From the viewpoint of the audience coverage, that is all about hype as it is! But the audience that comes to you in the second case is more thankful and interested, and most of them will visit your broadcasts on purpose and form a reliable core of viewers.

Do not forget that Twitch audience consists mainly of men at their 18 to 34, and you need to keep that in mind. Study your competitors, watch after what and how they show, make conclusions and think out your format.

Determine the quantity of broadcasts and time when to start them. Get ready to stream not less than 3 times a week. The best time to start broadcasting is 7 PM.

  1. Be Informative and Watch Your Diction

Train your speech and diction obligatorily before going live. Avoid parasite words, learn to form your thought fast and clear, try not to throw silly comments on your stream. The most correct way is to train on your close people and friends: launch a stream only for them, show and describe any game which is interesting for you, and then collect feedback and compare feelings. Were you good enough to bring your thoughts to them? Were they feeling interested and curious?

Live Broadcast Tips

Additionally, remember about emotions: they decorate live broadcasts most of all, but you need to keep proportion here. A sincere happiness, excitement, and fear are very easy to be distinguished from false emotions, so sometimes it is better to keep silent than to make yourself cry insincerely.

These are two obvious tips for newbie streamers. They do not touch the question of broadcast organization directly but are very important for your channel to gain its popularity among users.

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