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How to Create Movies for YouTube Channel

You’ve created a YouTube channel for your project, and now the question arises: what and how to film? How often to upload new videos to attract attention and to avoid irritating your subscribers at the same time? Let’s try to get deeper into the question!

What to Film

The content to fill your channel with depends on the target audience of your project. You create a channel for them, not for yourself! Find out interests of your audience, things they listen to, bloggers they watch on YouTube: create a portrait of your viewer. Maybe, during the process of analyzing you will find out something you’ve never thought about your audience before. Use this information in your further content-plan creating.

Determine the sense of your movies before filming them. If you create and sell handmade soap, then it is logical to film reviews for it. No, it is not! The point is, product movies on the website help people decide if they need to buy a thing, but they are perceived as advertising outside the product website. Complicated goods reviews (tech gadgets, things users need to assemble, paint, glue before usage) are exceptions here.

It is fine to make bets on product videos only in three cases:

  1. You have interesting and rare goods. For instance, guys from Ugears produce mechanical 3D-puzzles of wood. There are lots of product videos on Ugears channel, but it is fine because not everyone can assemble puzzles without the instruction;
  2. You film original videos about your project. Check the Regular Ordinary Swedish Time channel: nobody thought about filming cookery videos in such a brutal style before them. Think about your feature and original idea. How can you differ from others?
  3. You don’t have competitors at least in neighbor cities, or even better – in a country. Such cases are rare, but if you were lucky enough to become an explorer, a pioneer, make simple reviews with no doubts, people still will watch you. All the subscribers of Moscow Tesla Club channel aren’t going to buy this expensive car here and now. But who forbids them to sub the channel? And when their time comes and financial possibility to buy Tesla car appears for some of them, they know already where to go.

What to do if you can’t show rare products or short film Oscars? We recommend you paying attention to the expert video content. Before buying something, a person thinks over the purchase for long. Help the client understand the topic and show yourself as an expert. Even if the person isn’t going to buy something from you during the first visit to your channel, they still memorize you as a pro, and they will come back to your channel in future.

Let’s suppose that you knit blankets, pillows and carpets. Think, what circumstances make the client pay attention to your channel. Your visitors are:

  • A person looking for an original gift for a friend or relative;
  • A person designing their own living place and willing to make it cozy;
  • A person who wants to make a similar item.

And now, the most interesting thing: try to predict thoughts appearing in minds of those visitors. The first one is likely to think about what blanket color would they choose for their aunt, how it will be packed and delivered, whether there is the need to buy a gifting pack or it is fine to present the thing as it is. Film a video about how you prepare an order for delivery.

The second client will think about which blanket would suit to a new interior, how to maintain it in order to make it serve for long, how it is possible to decorate the house with the help of home textile. They will be interested in design trends movies or guest videos from bloggers.

And the third one will need guides about spinning wool, tricks and secrets of its usage, master-class lessons to knit simple elements, addresses of shops where it is possible to find handmade crafting materials.

Here is your content-plan for a month or even longer.

Such videos will remain wanted for long time. Even if design trends change in a year, the knitting technology stays the same, and this means already filmed videos can bring you new clients.

How to Film

Channel movies can be edited or filmed with a single take. Editing is required when the whole process of, for instance, cake cooking is too long to be filmed. You film the video before starting to cook, the process of preparation for baking, and the final result. The video filmed with a single take is fine when you tell about something on a camera or provide a translation with no possibility to refilm it later.

Movie Filming

If you have someone to ask about professional shooting, you better do that. Low quality videos will only scare your subscribers. This works for all: technical parameters, scenery and effects. If you decided to film videos on your own, use digital or action-cameras like GoPro or Sony Action Cam. Action cameras have small sizes, excellent picture quality, ability to work in any weather conditions and even under water. And the availability of various racks for your head, automobile hood, surfboard and even pets allows you to have practically endless numbers of filming angles for your videos.

To get a high picture quality during filming movies on your own, consider tips from videographers.

Stabilization. When filming, avoid unnecessary camera shaking, otherwise the video can be spoiled. The third fulcrum helps here: a camera belt on your neck or a monopod. When choosing a camera, check if there is the optical stabilization function in it: this helps you get clear picture in tough filming conditions. By the way, videographers remark, that the wider the camera view angle is, the less noticeable remains the shaking.

Nowadays, small smartphone stabilizers like DJI OSMO mobile are popular. They significantly increase the video quality, but they are expensive. This makes them fine only for travel bloggers who earn funds with their content and watch after their picture strictly.

Diaphragm settings. When diaphragm is set on 1,8-2,4, the picture looks more “voluminous”, but it is harder to keep the object in focus. So, sometimes it is good to close the diaphragm a bit more, at least up to 5,6. Rely on your experience and filming conditions first of all. Try not to use digital zoom. In fact, it does not enlarge the picture; the camera just increases the size of pixels and spoils the overall quality. You better just come closer to the filmed object.

The number of frames per second. Pay attention to FPS settings: the number of frames filmed per second. When shooting at 24-30 FPS mode, you get a usual video. When filming 50 FPS and more, you can slow video down 2 times and more, and make filmed moments more expressive. This effect is called “slow motion”.

Lighting. Try to film your movies in daytime with a good natural light. If things happened that way you need to shoot frames in the dark time or place, don’t set ISO higher than 1600. This lets you avoid digital noise in a video.

For the video to be more involving, film not only the main object, but different environmental details, too. For instance, when filming the process of cooking a cake, you can shoot kitchen elements or window sight separately. These moments will be very useful during the editing stage. Change close-up and distant plans with each other to create dynamics for the video and to get the result which is close to professional one.

Video processing software. To process and edit the video on your own, use applications like Pinnacle for Android or iMovie for iPhone. If they seem to be not enough for you, there are professional packs like Adobe Premier compatible with any operation system or Final Cut for MacOS. Additionally, YouTube account lets you create slideshows from photos, unite some of your old videos to create a new one, and organize a live stream from your laptop’s webcam.

Music for videos. Do not add someone else’s content to your channel: YouTube administration moderates videos strictly. Even a part of musical composition which lasts for more than 5 seconds can cause serious problems for the author of such a movie. To sound your clips, use music distributed under the Creative Commons license. This license lets you use the art product for commercial purposes without its author’s agreement.

Video Music

Websites to choose music:

How to Publish Videos on a YouTube Channel

There are several ways to add a video on your YouTube channel. The fastest and simplest one: to click the button in the upper right corner of the screen. After that, you get to the upload page where you can set access parameters for videos. These settings can be adjusted at any moment of time, so don’t worry.

Here it is. You’ve started to upload your YouTube videos. That’s not a channel yet, like a bunch of pages is not called the magazine. At the start, don’t forget to switch the “Review” page setting option. This lets you add the channel trailer, to recommend the content to your subscribers and to distribute movies and playlists according to topics.

To make the channel look neatly and attract attention, try to film videos keeping up to one single style and order movies into topical playlists. The simple navigation around the channel for the user increases the probability for them to become your subscribers.

Make it clear with rubrics. Even if you find your own style, there will appear videos having different topics and plots, and rubric division prevents your channel from becoming a junkyard.

Those rubrics can be: “Master Classes”, “About Materials”, “Inspiration and even “About Us” where you can publish short “behind the scenes” movies about yourself or your team.

Do not publish movies too often, especially after getting several videos completed. Otherwise, people will start unsubscribing from your channel, as nobody likes spammers. And if to publish one video per month, then the growth of sub numbers will be slow, and there won’t be many responses to your videos. We offer you to start with one video per week. You can find your perfect publication schedule later, basing on the reaction of your audience.

Don’t be afraid of YouTube! You only need to find your style and make the functioning of the channel be smooth. Then, you will have many subscribers, and that means many potential clients.


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