YouTube Video Filming

First YouTube Video Shooting: Stages and Preparation

To film a good first video, and to make it look attractive on your channel to interest as many people as possible, you need to do your best and to make it be perfect. In fact, there is nothing difficult in this job. Everything is simple if you keep up with certain recommendations.

YouTube Video Filming

Stages of YouTube Movie Creation

The first thing you need to do before filming a YouTube movie is to choose the topic you intend to reveal in your video. You need to understand that the important role belongs to your competence about the chosen topic. Topics you know well and can tell about to every subscriber guarantee you a high number of visitors for your channel.

Hobby topics can be known as the most suitable here. You like that, so you are able to show your hobby from the best viewpoint.

If you have an excellent sense of humor, consider the topic of entertaining videos.

Today, on the Internet and especially on YouTube channels, users actively search for videos which can practically help them in something: different useful tips, reviews for products, services, descriptions of certain items, etc.

Video Shooting Plan

After choosing the topic, you need to compose a plan to follow. With a predefined sequence of actions, you will avoid confusion of ideas and thoughts. You can call this plan a scenery or a script.

Write on a paper, what you want to tell your YouTube viewers, so you wouldn’t miss a thing.

There can’t be unnecessary words and repetitions. You can have a training before shooting, to speak aloud or to do all the job which is planned for the movie consequently. You can film the video for YouTube, then watch it before uploading to the website. Edited material can be then shown to your channel guests and subscribers.

It is important for your first YouTube video to carry as much information as possible, but to avoid complicated expressions or confusing parts. You need to express your thoughts in a simple and interesting manner. Script is the perfect thing to help you here.

Shooting Preparation

When everything is written and planned, you can start filming the video to place it on YouTube. Before starting the process, you need to check if you have all the things and items needed for the movie.

First YouTube Movie

Install the camera in front of a monotonous bright background if possible. In case of such positioning, the viewer is not distracted from the main object of your movie. The room for shooting should be well lit. If there is not enough light, install additional lamps.

Try to isolate the place from outside noises during the filming and make the speech of the movie hero be clear and easy to perceive.

Keep up to these simple preparation recommendations, and your first YouTube video will be liked by many people who later can become your first subscribers.

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