Camera Fear

How to Stop Being Afraid of Cameras: 10 Tips for Beginner Video Bloggers

You are an excellent yoga teacher, an unbelievably experienced father or a great expert of your field. Maybe, you want to share your experience with the world through video blogging. But you feel an irrational fear before the camera.

Camera Fear

And this article is about ways to fight your phobia.

  • Nobody will like my video. There is going to be a weird feedback. People will laugh at me;
  • I have a terrible voice. I don’t want someone to hear it;
  • Others look good and I am always silly. That’s terrible!

If phrases like that appear in your mind, then you are one of those who feel fear and anxiety when standing in front of a camera sight.

Not so long ago, only creative professionals and public persons had to meet video records and cameras. Today, clips are a part of everyone’s life. The simplest mobile phones support video recording functions, tech gadgets are more accessible and affordable. Tens of unfamiliar eyes look at everyone through the photo camera, the smartphone or GoPro every minute. People film the world around, and movies fill Instagram, Facebook and other social media with very high speed.

What can a person who wants to start a blogging career do when their fear prevents them from making the first step? What is the solution for those who have to deal with video content as a profession, hobby, or way to earn additional funds?

In this case, the camera fear is even more destructive. The person is afraid, they film themselves overcoming discomfort, and they fail to deal with stress. As a result, viewers see an anxious person, or the one looking unnaturally boastful. Both cases are examples of a human’s defensive reaction towards the camera fear.

An Interesting Fact

In a modern world, there are not less bloggers than doctors. According to WHO data, there are 10-15 million doctors all over the world. And the research of 2016 showed, that 6,7 million people are busy with blogging on special platforms, and 12 million provide social media blogs.

The visibility attracts. And this means, one can become not only famous but rich through advertising their goods. The fear of a camera is the unnecessary and dangerous obstacle, so let’s see how to get rid of it.

The Nature of Fear

There is no special term for this phobia, despite its commonness. Sometimes, the “autogonistophobia” can be heard, coming from words auto (self) and agonistes (drama actor).

But more often, the fear of a camera is thought to be a part of a body dysmorphic disorder): the onerous worrying about one’s physical inferiority connected with a real or imaginary anatomic lack. It’s a pity, but in most cases, physical lacks are imaginary. A beautiful young girl and a shaped sportsmanlike man find a single flaw in their appearance without a problem, and then concentrate on it all the time.

1.7-2.4% of Earth’s population suffers from that disorder: nearly 1 person of 50.

Distorted Self-Perception

Humans perceive themselves in other way when seeing a video record. An unusual voice and unnatural face are known to many beginner video bloggers.

In 1970s, there was a curious experiment provided in the Wisconsin-Milwaukee University. Three scientists, Theodore Mita, Marshal Dermer and Jeffrey Night asked the research participants to choose their picture of themselves which they liked more. One image represented a usual face of a person, and the other one was flipped to look like their mirror reflection. Researchers showed both pictures to close people of participants.

The participants themselves always preferred their reflection, and their close people chose real pictures.

Results confirmed a sad fact: the person does not know his or her own face, and that is the reason why they are confused when seeing themselves on a video record.

Solution to the Problem

First, you should determine the reason why you don’t want to become a video clip hero.

Ask yourself the following questions and try to answer them honestly:

  • Why don’t you want to be filmed?
  • Don’t you like your appearance?
  • Would you like to hide a certain part of your body?
  • Does the idea of publishing your video itself bring you anxiety and worries?
  • Is the fear to disappoint people or be uninteresting to them the basis for your phobia?

A certified Adobe Photoshop coach Chip Dizard shared his experience once.

He had been spending tons of his time for video blog movies and refilmed his materials again and again. There was a clip he memorized most. He reworked it 12 times in a row! He spent hours and days to film a short two-minute movie. Soon, he understood that if he wants to teach people how to create videos, he can’t be afraid of that.

Well, we’ve understood the nature of the phobia. It is time to start solving the problem. Here are some tips for dealing with anxiety and alleviating the fear of camera.

Train Your Body!

Choose the relaxation technique which fits you the most. Yoga, deep breathing, or a short dance will help you deal with stress.

Training for Blog

You can start going to the gym as well. This will add you some confidence about your strength, will and appearance.

Prepare for Shooting!

  • Motivate Yourself. Do you want to leave a memory about yourself for your descendants? Do you want to become a popular blogger with a million of subscribers and to promote yourself on a specialized platform? Use your wishes to move further;
  • Be Simpler. The movie will doubtfully be perfect from the first try. There is nothing wrong about that. Create a scheme, don’t learn the text by heart and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. All the unnecessary parts of videos can always be cut off, and interruptions make your speech sound natural. According to ComScore data, the best video length for YouTube is 4 minutes and 20 seconds;
  • Dialogue. Look into a camera and imagine your viewers sitting in front of you. You’ll feel like taking part in real conversation, and it is not that scary to communicate with a living collocutor;
  • Set clear goals. A plan of filming 100 movies per week is about to bring you down. The goal to shoot a story here and now is real. And don’t forget to reward yourself after the deed is done;
  • Look for Comfort. Don’t think about how to be liked by viewers or what is popular nowadays. Be comfortable with yourself. Put on comfortable clothes and get your hands busy with something. It is no good to keep them near your body passively. You better keep them on the table in front of you or gesticulate lively. This will relax you and make the video natural.

Become More Confident!

  • Auto Training. Positive thoughts improve your self-esteem and help you look confident. Remind yourself about your strengths and concentrate on them. And yes… Is your nose actually that big?
  • Distract. The concentration on a video cam never made people more confident. Listen to music or think about your recent romantic date or cool vacation.
  • Be adequate. Remember, that’s just a video. You can’t be good for everyone. So, just be yourself!

A successful blogger is always sincere. If people believe you, they won’t notice some excessive pounds or a giant nose you might have. Recall pleasant moments: this might you smile and get rid of stress. The right mood and constant practice mean a guarantee for your victory. Train, experiment, film movies, and new subscribers won’t take too long to appear.

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